Hi There! So let’s cover the basics First. I’m a 29 year old from Southeastern PA. I am a married and I do have three children. I have an 8 year old daughter (who also rides), a 5 year old daughter, and a 3 year old son. Aside from doing all the fun horse things I also am a senior at Devry University studying Computer Information Systems with a concentration in computer forensics, have to pay for these horses some how. When I’m not riding, doing school work or spending time with my family I can be found with my nose in a book, hiking, skiing, or doing something DIY, as you’ll soon come to find out.

Now on to the fun part..

My Horse Life

I’ve been riding since I was 5, cutting my teeth in the hunter ring on school ponies. When I was 7 my grandparents bought me a 3 yr old WelshxTB mare who was rotten but taught me a ton about sticking to the saddle regardless of what your horse does. At 13 I decided hunters weren’t for me anymore and I switched over to barrel racing and roping. I ran the local youth rodeo circuit for 2 years before getting a QHx gelding that was better suited as a western pleasure horse. I actively competed in 4H with him until I was 16 when I stopped and stuck to just doing local shows. When I was 18 I switched back over to doing hunters once again since in my area that’s where all the money was at the time. I began schooling hunter ponies for a few trainers, the curse of being 5’2″ and 115lbs at the time, and local school horses for the regular barn I leased a horse from. After having my oldest I decided to pursue my own barn and retrain thoroughbreds off the track since I’d had experience with it in the past and just absolutely loved the breed. I managed my own barn for about 4 years, until 2014, before deciding the drama was to much and I no longer wanted to be a part of anything Equine Related.

I’m currently attending lessons with a local eventing instructor to shape myself into a competitive event rider so hopefully I’ll have some really neat experiences to share. When I’m not competing or doing lessons I do volunteer a lot at some of the great venues around me. This year my list includes horse trials at Fair Hill, Plantation Field, and more than likely a few smaller shows that I can fit into my already packed schedule.

and we can’t forget the best part…

The Horses

Currently I keep both of my horses at a friends farm┬áthat is 25 minutes from my house. This helps me keep the costs down since I only have to pay for hay, grain, and bedding but this also means that a lot of my day is spent driving between the barn and my house and I don’t get a very fancy arena to ride in.

My Mare is a 2011 Thoroughbred Mare named Builder Jak, or more affectionately known as AppleJak or Jak. She’s also registered with the TIP as Time Lord Technology because let’s be honest Builder Jak is a horrible name for a mare. She’s spunky and full of herself but she’s also the sweetest mare I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and she’s extremely intelligent. She’s also very brave which I feel will be her biggest asset when she starts her journey to being an Event Horse. Currently AppleJak is very green and we’ve only had a handful of rides since she retired from the track in August.

The other horse I have the pleasure of caring for is my daughter’s 15 year old pony mare, May. She’s sweet and very quite but a bit herd bound at the moment. My daughter hopes to do some small walk/trot shows with her this show season. She’s still very green but she’s very honest and has way more whoa than go so while my daughter starts back on learning the basics I’ll be finishing her into a presentable pony.