Springs here…time to get fit?

I’ve always been one of those individuals who has stayed pretty lean. Now that I’m approaching 30 that’s not as easy as it once was and now that I don’t ride 4+ horses a day I’m really starting to feel the lack of fitness. For the past 2 years I’ve essentially been a stay at home mom who didn’t ride really at all. Now that has really caught up to me. I recently started taking lessons so I could fix the issues I’ve created with my 6 years of anti-lesson mentality. These lessons which have mainly been dressage, have really started to highlight just how unfit I am even though I’ve spent the last year plodding around the trails on one horse or another with a sprinkling of arena work mixed in.

So this brings me to the point of my blog post. Fitness isn’t just for those people who like to go to the gym it’s also key for us equestrians to maintain our end of the partnership we’re creating with our equines. If I expect my mare to be fit then it’s only fair that I share the burden. Why should I expect her to carry me around like a sack of potatoes while I expect her to be in top physical form. This doesn’t include the fact that in order to get that double clear stadium round or even just through a cross country run I would have to maintain some form of control and how is that possible if you’re huffing and puffing.

So with all of these thoughts racing through my mind I’ve decided that for the next 30 days while I ramp up AppleJak and May’s workouts it’s only fair if I ramp mine up as well. I know where my key weaknesses are which include my legs and just general cardio fitness. I’ve designed a plan of action using some nifty tools like videos on Daily Burn, This book, and a personal trainer friend who is helping understand some other key parts of creating a routine. I’m also going to tackle my diet because it’s horrible and even I can recognize it which should say something.

This blog post is to partially hold my self accountable for starting and to share with others my plans and to express why fitness while riding is very important for not only the horse but also the rider. So with this post tomorrow will be the beginning of my Rider Fitness Challenge. If all goes well maybe I’ll make some nifty PDF print outs that others can use to kick off their own fitness adventure.


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