And so it begins

Horses have been my life since my first pony ride at the age of 3. I was instantly sucked in and had no idea I’d go so deep. When I was 5 I started riding lessons and at age 7 I had my first pony. At this point there was no turning back for me. I’m sure many of you have experienced the same thing it’s likeajandmay a tide that just takes you deeper and deeper, almost like an addiction you can’t kick. The drama and the cliques all blending into one almost unbearable world if it wasn’t for the soft noses and that indescribable smell. That’s how it was for me until I met the one thing that broke me. That one thing that made me step back
and go whoa I’m not enjoying this anymore, I’m done. I gave my horses away, sold all my tack and my trailer and just walked away. Silly to think back on it now and think that I really thought I could give it all up and walk away forever but like I said it’s almost like an addiction it keeps pulling you back in. Even without horses in my life I thought and dreamt about them daily.

I guess that’s a logical thing though. When all you’ve known for the past 20 years of your life is horses it is pretty tough to completely give that up. And so my foray back into horses began last year with the return of my gelding who I couldn’t bring myself to sell only to free lease. When his situation wasn’t working anymore I was all to eager to jump back in with both feet and bring him home. And just like that I was sucked back into the world of horses with all it’s leather, cuts, tears, and drama, not to mention the expenses.

Even after loosing my gelding shortly after his return I was committed to continue my foray and here I am Horse Poor and Loving it! Now instead of my Quarter Horse gelding I have a thoroughbred mare and instead of committing myself to being a pleasure rider I’m pursuing a competitive take on Eventing.

This blog will be dedicated to writing about my adventures as they come along. This includes my transition from a life-long hunter/jumper rider to an Event rider and the challenges of doing all of this on a budget.


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